BBQ Western Style Chicken

Sun Valley BBQ cook out Rootin’ tootin’ western style chickin’​

Serves 4


12 Sun Valley BBQ wings

4 cups of barbecue beans

600g of potato wedges

1 regular sized garlic bread sliced

1 cup of grated hard cheese

1 large bag of nacho chips for dipping

2 cups of tomato salsa or favourite dipping sauce

Steps to Prepare

Step 1
Cook the Sun Valley BBQ wings and the potato wedges according to the on-pack instructions
Step 2
Warm the barbecue beans and the garlic bread according to the on-pack instructions
Step 3
Take 6 large bowls
Step 4
Fill each bowl with one of the sides: warm beans, warm potato wedges sprinkled with the grated cheese, warm garlic bread slices, nacho chips, tomato salsa
Step 5
In the last bowl place the cooked Sun Valley BBQ wings
Step 6
Give them cowgirls and cowboys their own plates and spoons now and y’all have one mighty fine cook-out !
Step 7
Mix it up! Try drizzled barbecue sauce over the potato wedges and serve with a barbecue dipping sauce.

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